Custom Blending 

Milport offers its customers the ability to custom blend a variety of chemicals to their specifications using a range of formulations provided by the customer or developed by Milport.

Milport has liquid blending tanks ranging in size from 500-gallons to 2500-gallons including three stainless steel tanks and two polyethylene tanks. Dry blending is done in one of three dry blenders; a 100-pound stainless steel ribbon blender, and 1000-pound carbon steel paddle blender, or a 4000-pound Marion paddle blender.


Mini Bulk Services

Milport provides mini-bulk on products such as Hydrochloric Acid, Caustic Soda, Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), and Calcium Chloride. Our delivery advantage includes filling of an existing tank/tote, or we can provide you with a tank suited for your specific requirement. We also provide a variety of delboys, drums, and totes.


Packaging Options

From full tank trucks to 5-gallon pails, super sacks to 50-pound bags, our products are available in a variety of package sizes. Custom packaging is also available.


Metal Finishing 

Milport offers the complete line of Haviland Products metal finishing chemistry, as well as consulting and lab services from experienced professionals. We specialize in Zinc, Nickel, and Chrome processes that are the best performing and lowest maintenance in the industry