Milport Enterprises, Inc.

Milport Enterprises Inc. has been distributing products and providing innovative services to its customers since 1952. In addition to chemical distribution, we provide custom blending of both liquid and dry formulations, contract packaging, metal finishing products and services, and neutral cleaning solutions. We genuinely respect our customers and are honored to have their business. It is the cornerstone of our success and your assurance of satisfaction.


The Milport Team

  • Luke Huberty – General Manager
  • Rose Purcell - Sales Representative
  • Ron Urick - Sales Representative
  • Natalie Glejf - Sales Representative 
  • Tony Gonzales – Operations Manager
  • Lori Nowak – Administrative Services Manager
  • Mark Bayer – Traffic Coordinator


Our History

Milport Chemical Company was founded in 1946 by Fred Portz and Milton Krull (hence the name Milport) and operated until 1948. In 1952, the team of George Kinzfogl, Richard Gamm and John Churchville purchased the Milport Chemical Company entity with one employee. A 30,000 square foot freight house on Oregon Street in Milwaukee was then rented as the company grew. In 1964 the entire operation was moved to a new location on Virginia Street.

Milport continued to grow in the 1960’s and 1970’s hiring more employees many of whom were Vietnam Vets eager to go to work and start their families. New reactors were purchased for the manufacture of Sodium Glucoheptonate- Milport is still manufacturing this material to this day. We added tractors and trailers to the fleet along with bulk storage tanks to assist with our packaging and production team.

Through continued growth in the 80’s, Milport selected the site at its present location in Milwaukee. This building was purchased in October of 1986 and has 35,000 square feet, with 3 acres of land it has proven to be well suited to our needs for storage, packaging, compounding and manufacture of chemicals.  

Since then we have upgraded our facility to meet both our production needs and increasing environmental concerns. These new additions ensure that we are responsible stewards of our craft. A tank truck washout station was added to speed up deliveries and better serve our customers and suppliers.

Milport has a long history of responsible distribution representing major manufacturers in our industry. In 1987 we began blending chemicals to customer specifications. Demand grew from pails and drums to truckload and tank truck quantities. Our customer base and reputation garnered local and national success, taking us to states as far as Florida, Texas and California.

In April of 1994, the principals of Rowell Chemical Corporation reached an agreement and Milport became a wholly owned subsidiary of Rowell Chemical. This acquisition provided Milport a new level of supply assurance and the benefits of repackaging to Rowell. This synergy continues to benefit our loyal customer base to this day.