Milport Enterprises, Inc.
2829 South Fifth Court
Milwaukee, WI  53207

 Quality Policy

Milport Enterprises, Inc. and its parent company, Rowell Chemical Corporation are committed to conform to or exceed our customers' need and expectations.  We will provide quality products and services by fully understanding the requirements of our customers and by performing all tasks effectively and efficiently.  We are dedicated to and involved in the continuous improvement of work.  This commitment to quality is shared by everyone in the company to insure Milport is the preferred supplier.

Our Quality Improvement Team (QIT) meets each month to discuss how we can better respond to our customers' needs. Quality Action Teams (QAT) are assembled on an impromptu basis to respond to specific, immediate concerns.  Everyone at Milport and Rowell participates in our Quality Philosophy. 

Responsible Distribution Process

As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors with close business ties with corporations that are members of the Chemical Manufacturers Association, Milport Enterprises, Inc. and its parent company, Rowell Chemical Corporation, are committed to support a continuing effort to improve the industry's responsible management of chemicals.  We pledge to manage our business affairs according to the following principles:

      To recognize community concerns about chemicals and our operation.

      To involve ourselves only with products that can be manufactured, stored, used and disposed of safely.

      To make health, safety, and environmental considerations a priority in our planning for all existing and new products.

      To counsel customers on the safe use, transportation, storage, and disposal of chemical products.

      To operate our facilities in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, the public, and the environment.

      To help improve local emergency response planning by sharing our chemical facility emergency plans and create an atmosphere which will allow exchange of ideas with government to safeguard the community.

      To share experiences and offer assistance in responsible management of chemicals to others who use, handle, transport, or store chemicals.